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Hockey Manitoba U15 Showcase Weekend

By AAA Winnipeg 10/07/2021, 10:30am CDT

Hockey Manitoba to host U15 showcase weekend to start off the 2021-2022 season.

Join us this weekend for 26 U15 game as teams from across the province participate in the 2021-2022 Hockey Manitoba U15 Showcase weekend.

See below for daily schedules. 

2020-2021 Season Yearbook

By AAA Winnipeg 08/09/2021, 10:30am CDT

The 2020/2021 hockey season was, again, like no other. With hopes to play, it just couldn’t be completed.

Provincial 18


Like so many teams in our province, the U18 Winnipeg Bruins made the best of a very challenging year. The team was looking forward to a great year with some great veteran 2003’s, some ready-to-have-a big-year 2004’s, plus an infusion of highly skilled 2005’s. We tried to use every minute of our extended tryout to work on skill and Bruin principles of play. After a very brief exhibition game series we launched into the season with games against the Thrashers and Wild. After only four games and an impressive win against the Wild, our game schedule was shutdown. After a painfully long break, we got back on the practice-ice and worked within the changing provincial restrictions. Ultimately, we had to shutdown our season and can only reflect on what might have been. I want to thank the incredible U18 Bruin Staff! Pam Sveinson, Garrett Glenwright, Carson Rybuck, Jesse Deckert, Lacey Boucher, and Emily Lambert all made the best of a very challenging season. I would also like to thank the administrators of our league. Our board explored every option to try and provide a season for our players. Finally, thank you Bruin parents who volunteer to help out and make the program happen.  



The 2020-2021 Thrashers Hockey Club dealt with a season of adversity and couldn't be prouder of this group of fine young gentlemen. All we truly have to talk about on paper is 4 league games during our 2nd sports related impacts revolving around COVID. Where the Thrashers stood tall is dealing with the adversity of our life and environment while trying to find something positive as an output.


From a start that involved an unconventional start to our season with no contact, then to bubble style league games where the Thrashers would only be playing the two Winnipeg Teams until conditions improved and then to be shut down at the end of October for months would wear on anyone who is pursuing the great sport of hockey at higher levels. Our team met like many others on Zoom as our means of communication during lock down. Supports were provided to conduct one on one's for those that wanted to gain a more effective understanding of their game and roles and for anyone that just wanted to engage in how they were doing. Never once did we witness any negativity and only positive "hope". A few may become rock stars as a result as the guitar was picked up by a few.


There was a glimmer of hope in February and the team returned to the ice under further restrictions and honestly, we have never seen a more appreciative group of athletes stepping onto that ice when we did. Although we never returned to game play, the Thrashers took every opportunity to be more effectively prepared for the next steps with situational and skill development. As we are with every Thrasher, we are extremely proud of this fantastic group of athletes and they all have a very bright future ahead of them in sports and life.


Thank you to all the parents whom provided their dedicated support and patience to our program, it is greatly appreciated.


Congratulations to our graduating players who we wish nothing but the best on their future endeavors towards education, sports and life and looking forward to those returning for further development within our program.


Regardless of the avenue taken, your success is a result of dedication, hard work and a willingness to learn from your mistakes.


The fall of 2021 is time to return to normal.



Jim Berezowsky

Thrashers Hockey Club







From start to finish the U15 WPG Sharks were eager to hit the ice. We started the year off with an ambitious group of players in tryouts. In an unusual tryout format we got the team down to 19 talented players. A couple of exhibition games later the team was ready to begin the season. Developing work habits and competing at this level was the focus to start. October came and went very quickly with a solid 4-0 start. During the upcoming pause the team would stay in contact with some team trivia, video clips from October games, as well as some guest video presentations. Jean Luc (trainer) put together a weekly workout that the team did together via zoom. 

After the long pause from on ice sessions the group came back to the rink with the same excitement they had in September. Even with the unknown of possible games they made the best of the situation by working hard with their skills coaches and mixing plenty of games in during the half ice sessions.

Best of luck to all the 2020/2021 U15 WPG Sharks.”



Jordan Wohlgemuth 

HC U15 Wpg Sharks




It was very disappointing that we lost the opportunity to compete on the ice this year, but I believe we need to stay optimistic and look at the positives. Being able to connect in a different way, showing off some of our personalities away from the rink made for a unique season. This version of the U15 Warriors never complained, never questioned decisions, and always joined our weekly zoom meetings smiling and willing to participate in whatever whacky challenges we had for them that week. They showed up for at-home workouts preparing for the year we never had. They shot pucks and stickhandled while watching TV to try and stay connected with the game that we all love. 


I really feel for this age group, not having the chance to compete for a championship the last two seasons. However, I truly have admiration and respect for all of them in how they've handled this pandemic. The year wasn't a waste, we learned a lot. Keep up that optimism and positivity that I've seen over the last 9 months. When we return to the ice, remember how much you miss it and let that be your fuel moving forward.


Good Luck!


Tyler Riel




2020-21 Winnipeg Monarchs


It was definitely not the way we wanted the 2020-21 season to go.  The season started well in September and the players and staff made adjustments to the procedures that we were required to follow.  The staff give the players a lot of credit for sticking to the COVID protocols set out by the province, league and team guidelines.


The Monarchs adjusted to being off the ice with zoom calls and team activities that included  presentations from junior A and U 18 Wild hockey clubs.   We were able to review team plans, mental training for athletes and played some competitive hockey jeopardy.  

The boys never showed there frustration and waited for our on ice sessions to return.  Once we were able to practise, the players were committed to skills and half ice practises and it showed with a rarity a player was missing at practise.  


Although COVID had different plans at the end of the season, I am proud of the kids for fighting through the adversity of the season.  The resiliency you have faced this season will make you stronger players on and off the ice.


I want to thanks my staff Dan Kaye, Matko Malbasa, Jenny Nicolas and manager Sarah Bordier-Kaye for you patience and hard work.  It was challenging but with this staff, it made the transition easier.  Let us get through this and return again in 2021-22 season.


Scott Coates 

Head Coach



The 2020-2021 Season began with great hope and big expectations for the U15 AAA Hawks. Through the brief competition portion of our season they picked up where they left off the shortened 2019-2020 season, going undefeated and showing dominance in doing so. Though the season did not play out as we expected, our Players stayed positive and engaged throughout. This Coach found it amazing that they found it within themselves to continue development while not being able to be with their Teammates.  They expanded on parts of their games, at the ODR and backyard rinks, that they probably wouldn't during a normal season. The ODR practices when we returned were great fun, and we discovered that fishbowls don't work so well in February.


We met frequently on zoom to learn about hockey and sometimes about each other, we know for certain that you shouldn't feed Hawks things like pickled beets, cat food, or fish eyes. And it might be best to leave the mushrooms off the pizza. We also learned that cinnamon buns, peanut butter cups or jack links beef jerkey are all acceptable meal replacements. Most of all we learned that this is a special group of young men that have very bright futures both on and off the ice and a lost season will not defeat them


Some thank you's are in order. To our Staff, Glenn, Jared ,Clare , Michelle and Kirsten thank you for being all in all the time. To the Parents for letting the Coaches coach and being hockey fans, very much appreciated.  Thank you to Mr. F Mr. W and Ms. K for our video, stats and photography, you made my winter bearable, sincerely. But most of all thank you to the players who were great students and made us want to come to the rink more than ever before, you guys are amazing and we wish you all nothing but the best!!


We feel very fortunate to have spent the last 2 years learning and growing with the 06 Winnipeg Hawks and despite having #unfinishedbusiness we have built memories and friendships to last a lifetime


Coach Vince








Unfortunately, this season again came to an end due to COVID and even though it was a very short season our players continued to work hard and develop at practices and skill skates. We had a very hard-working group of players that will be successful in the upcoming years.


We appreciated the patience from all our players and parents with all the starts and stops during the season due to COVID and for the effort of the Winnipeg AAA Council for trying to make the best of a difficult season for the players. Thank you to all our Warriors Staff for their work this season.


Coach Dennis

Winnipeg Warriors U-14 AAA




The U14 Hawks coaching staff were excited to start the 20/21 season, bringing together players from different AA programs for their first year of AAA Hockey. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, during training camp and pre-season, the team got off to a great start through skill development and on ice play. Prior to being put on hold, the Hawks had a 5-2 record through pre & regular season play. While everyone was disappointed when the season was cancelled, the coaches and the players made the best of it. With regular Zoom meetings and some great guest speakers including AAA Hawk Alumni Conner Roulette who recently participated in the U18 championships for Team Canada, and Tim Schick, who scouts for both the MJHL's Selkirk Steelers and the Kelowna Rockets from the WHL. Both speakers gave the players some important insights into what it takes to advance to the next level both on and off the ice. 


The coaching staff would like to thank both the players and their parents for staying positive through adversity. While we will never know what the season could have been, it was a great opportunity to get to know the players and play a part in their development. Until next year.





It is time to reminisce about the COVID-19 year that was...

From those first exciting AAA steps on the ice for conditioning camp leading into tryouts and the stress that may or may not have caused some as they anxiously awaited good news at each 'cut' day!   

From the staff, some of the most gratifying moments are the reactions of players when they 'MAKE' it.

Tryouts were exhibition games during, small group sizes, mask use off the ice, come to the rink 15-30 minutes before, do a COVID check-in every time.

Now we finally formed a team and even then, we couldn't have a get together kick-off, having to settle for a ZOOM intro meeting.  But at least we could get together to order AAA Monarchs schwag!!

Finally into practices, skills sessions, the 'rules', dry land and exhibition games plus regular season with a pretty impressive 6-1 record overall combined outscoring our opposition 57 - 31 before COVID shut us down again at roughly Halloween.   

One of our early year team highlights was a practice run by Gold Medal winning U18 Team Canada member Conner Roulette

Then as we awaited hopefully good news from the next round of public health orders, we held regular VIDEO meetings where we spent time going over our drill package, team tactics, video analytics of our team performance, other video learning, set plays, a 'which staff is this' contest, World Jr Bracket challenge, Best Christmas Ever? photos,  Hockey Jeopardy, player and game superstitions, regular player check-in on how school is going/how they are doing mentally/spiritually, off-ice shooting and skill development, video cardio/hockey specific work-outs and some guest speakers to name some! 

Want to thank our team captain and assistants for their off ice role they played in keeping the TEAM together's tough wearing the C or the A and leading more off the ice than on, testament to the maturity level they show.

Around the Christmas season, we were able to get out and assist a couple families with some hampers

Finally we were starting to hear some good news coming from Public Health....almost got there, but not quite.

First it was the approval to practice outdoors...we had some warm days and some not so warm days but at least we were able to get together again!  Hot chocolate was welcomed.

Then we were allowed to move indoors but with restrictions...again hopeful that these would be lifted so we could get back to full team practices and exhibition games.  Alas, this was not meant to be and the season was officially shut down April 17

At least we were able to close the year off with a Small Area Games Tournament that was a lot of fun to watch and enjoy seeing players get to compete!  The prizes were out of this world too!!!

From the staff, it has been a pleasure to work with this team.  The personalities and hockey IQ are fantastic and we think that these young men and women, have tremendous opportunities in front of them.

Looking forward to seeing you all in and around the rink for AAA camp as vaccine rollout continues to be on track for the next few months.

Keep positive, enjoy your summers, always perform to the best of your ability.

Dave Funk
Winnipeg Monarchs

New Coaching Staff's Announced for 2021-2022 Season

By AAA Winnipeg 06/03/2021, 4:00pm CDT

AAA hockey Winnipeg announces the new coaching staff's for the upcoming season

With the 2020-2021 season being one of the most difficult seasons to date, Hockey Winnipeg's AAA Council is proud to announce its Head Coaches for the upcoming 2021 - 2022 season.  Please find below a full list of coaches for this upcoming season.  


U18- Jeff Sveinson


U17- Tyler Riel

U15 - Chris McColm (Gold)
            - Bruce Sirrell (Brown)
             - Chris Boles (Black)


U18=Jim Berezowsky

U17 - Tyler Bednarski

U15 - Vince Hourie (Gold)
           - Jerald Brasko (Blue)
           - Cory Lindgren (White)


U18 - Paul Krueger   

U17 - Shawn Sesak

U15 - Doug Stokes (Green)
           - Dave Funk (Gold)
           - Mitch Lockhart (Red)

  • Hockey Manitoba Announcement

  • By AAA Winnipeg 11/11/2020, 11:45am CST
  • Hockey Manitoba announces full shut down of arenas province wide as the health minister announces the closure of indoor sports and recreation facilities.
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