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    Winnipeg AAA Hockey

    The Winnipeg AAA Council is responsible for operating AAA Hockey activities in areas governed by Hockey Winnipeg.  The Hockey Winnipeg AAA Council registers 8 teams from four districts known as the Hawks, Monarchs, Sharks and Warriors in the age divisions for Bantam 1 and 2.  The Hockey Winnipeg AAA Council also registers 6 teams from three districts at the U17 Prep and U18 Provincial Division which include the Bruins, Thrashers and Wild.

    The AAA Council activities are managed by a council who must be approved annually by the Officers of  Hockey Winnipeg and who are responsible to Hockey Winnipeg.

    Winnipeg AAA Russ Cassidy

    Vice President

    Phone: (204) 667-3996

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    Winnipeg AAA Hockey  
    13-1100 Waverley Street