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      ALL-STAR DAY 2018

      By Dallas McDougall 01/19/2018, 4:45pm CST

      Update on the AAA Weekend

      On Saturday January 13th, 2018 the annual AAA All-Star Classic took place at the MTS Iceplex. The day’s events consisted of three divisional showcases; each included preliminary skills, a final on the main rink, followed by a game. After the game, players and coaches enjoyed a post game meal upstairs. A very special thanks is due to our corporate sponsors who made the day possible:


      Beaver Bus Lines

      Esdale Printing

      Western Hockey League

      Manitoba Junior Hockey League

      Hockey Winnipeg

      Stafford Studios

      Canad Inns

      MTS Iceplex

      Royal Sports


      Skills Competition Winners:

      Bantam 2 Division

      Goaltender: Noah Riesz (Warriors)

      Rapid Fire Shooting: Jayden Waddell (Monarchs)

      Break Away Shooting: Dayton Kiesman (Warriors)

      Fastest Skater: Aiden Hyra (Warriors)

      Puck Control: Kyle Grysiuk (Hawks)

      Great Relay Race Winners: From team west, Andrew Ness, Deshon Friesen, Jesiah Bennett, Keefe Gruener

      Top Goaltender: Owen Savoie (Hawks)

      Top Defenceman: Jaden Waddell (Monarchs)

      Top Forward: Jesiah Bennett (Monarchs)


      Bantam 1 Division

      Goaltender: Tresor Wotton (Yellowhead Chiefs)

      Rapid Fire Shooting: Braeden Lewis (Southwest Cougars)

      Break Away Shooting: Matthew Catellier (Sharks)

      Fastest Skater: Roux Bazin (Pembina Valley Hawks)

      Puck Control: Trent Crane (Pembina Valley Hawks)

      Great Relay Race Winners: From team west, Tresor Wotton, Colby Wotton, Trent Crane, Wyatt Tweet

      Top Goaltender: Tresor Wotton (Yellowhead Chiefs)

      Top Defenceman: Kyle Melo (Eastman Selects)

      Top Forward: Connor Roulette (Hawks)


      City Midget Division


      Goaltender: Brett Murphy (Monarchs)

      Rapid Fire Shooting: Eric Strick (Sharks)

      Break Away Shooting: Brady Foreman (Monarchs)

      Fastest Skater: Ethan McColm (Eastman Selects)

      Puck Control: Drayden Kurbatoff (Eastman Selects)

      Great Relay Race Winners: From team west, Evan Van Laeken, Brandon McCartney, Carter Bateman, Brady Foreman

      Top Goaltender: Riley Plett (Eastman Selects)

      Top Defenceman: Evan Toth (Monarchs)

      Top Forward: Tyler Thoender (Monarchs)

      Stay tuned for Go Pro Footage of the players in their respective games!

      Winnipeg AAA Hockey

      The Winnipeg AAA Council is responsible for operating AAA Hockey activities in areas governed by Hockey Winnipeg.  The Hockey Winnipeg AAA Council registers fifteen teams from four districts known as the Hawks, Monarchs, Sharks and Warriors in the age divisions from Bantam through City Midget and the Bruins, Thrashers and Wild in the Provincial Midget Division.

      The AAA Council activities are managed by a council who must be approved annually by the Officers of  Hockey Winnipeg and who are responsible to Hockey Winnipeg.

      Winnipeg AAA Russ Cassidy

      Vice President

      Phone: (204) 667-3996

      AAA All-Star Day


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