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Coaching and League Name Changes

By AAA Winnipeg 04/26/2020, 5:30pm CDT

AAA announces the coaches assigned to all teams as well as new league names

With the 2020-2021 season upcoming,  the coaches and their positions are introduced. Find below a full list of the coaches and the teams they have been assigned to for the upcoming 2020-2021 season.  As well as some coaching changes the league will adopt new names for their leagues.  These changes are to  follow new guidelines put into place by Hockey Manitoba.  Below is a chart as to help under stand the conversions. 


League name changes:

Bantam 2 -> U14

Bantam 1 -> U15

U17 Prep -> U17

U18 Provincial -> U18


Coaching list:


Bantam 2 Hawks        - Doug Stokes

Bantam 2 Monarchs   - Dave Funk    

Bantam 2 Sharks        - Corey Lindgren

Bantam 2 Warriors      - Dennis Senebald



Hawks         - Vince Hourie

Monarchs    - Scott Coates

Sharks         - Jordan Wohlemuth

Warriors       - Tyler Riel



Bruins                  - Tyler Bednarski

Thrashers            - Jerald Brasko

Wild                     - Fred Barnes



Bruins                  - Jeff Sveinson

Thrashers            - Jim Berezowsky

Wild                     - Paul Krueger

2019-2020 AAA Player Awards

By AAA Winnipeg 06/06/2020, 9:45pm CDT

Find all the award winners for the 2019-2020 season

AAA Announces the 2019-2020 player awards.  This AAA season was brought to an early end due to Covid-19 and safety precautions for our players.  The opportunity to present as we usual would at our Annual Awards Dinner was cancelled because of health regulations, but we still want to recognize our outstanding players for their efforts and successes.  All nominees and award winners receive their awards in the mail.  

See below for a full list of the nominees and award winners. 

Annual AAA Player Awards 2019-2020 U14

Top Defenseman Nominees

Hawks             - Cole Bilous

Monarchs        - Aaron Krestanowich

Sharks             - Chris Hermann

Warriors          - Jonas Woo

Eastman          - Carlos Penner

Top Defenseman 2019/20 - Jonas Woo

Top Forward Nominees

Hawks             - Carter Bear

Monarchs        - Elliot Perreault

Sharks             - Jackson Kostiuk

Warriors          - Hayden Moore Eastman         

Eastman          - Mario Gagnon

Top Forward 2019/20 - Jackson Kostiuk

Top Goaltender Nominees

Hawks             - Jonathon Enns Demchuk

Monarchs        - Leyton Medwick

Sharks             - Nicolas Rempel

Warriors          - Austin Kork

Eastman          - Ethan Simcoe

Top Goaltender 2019/20 - Ethan Simcoe

Hardest Working Player Nominees

Hawks             - Dawson Dear

Monarchs        - Elliot Perreault

Sharks             - Nic Giasson

Warriors          - Kaeden Woloshen

Eastman          - Calem Normandeau

Hardest Working Player 2019/20 - Elliot Perreault

Most Valuable Player Nominees

Hawks             - Ian Lavallee

Monarchs        - Evan Gradt

Sharks             - Brycen Gair

Warriors          - Jonas Woo

Eastman          - Carlos Penner

Most Valuable Player 2019/20 -Jonas Woo


Top Defenseman Nominees

Hawks             - Andrew Hladun

Monarchs        - Blake Jones

Sharks             - Jacob Howell

Warriors          - Liam Saxberg

Top Defenseman 2019/20 - Liam Saxberg

Top Forward Nominees

Hawks             - Tristan Arnason

Monarchs        - Rylan Gould

Sharks             - Hayden Chaloner  

Warriors        - Jayden Perron

Top Forward 2019/20 - Jayden Perron

Top Goaltenders Nominees

Hawks              - Braxton Burdeny

Monarchs         - Nate Grant

Sharks             - Lucas Presznyak        

Warriors        - Alex Domenico

Top Goaltender 2019/20 - Nate Grant

Hardest Working Player Nominees

Hawks             - Matt Maloney

Monarchs         - Cole Kennedy

Sharks             - Daniel Tokariwski

Warriors          - Reeve Sukut

Hardest Working Player 2019/20 - Reeve Sukut

Most Valuable Player Nominees

Hawks           - Dawson Zeller

Monarchs       - Rylan Gould

Sharks           - Hayden Chaloner

Warriors        - Lucas Hansen

Most Valuable Player 2019/20 - Hayden Chaloner

U17 Prep

Top Defenseman

Bruins              - Dayton Kiesman

Thrashers        - Jayden Michaels

Wild                 - Austin Manaigre

Wheat Kings    - Jackson Jacques

Selects            - Mattix Carpenter

Lightning          - Austin Lourenco

Top Defenseman 2019/20 - Jackson Jacques

Top Forward

Bruins              - Paison Butler

Thrashers        - Josh Fast

Wild                 - Cole Younger

Wheat Kings    - Brayden MacKay

Selects            - Trey Sellen

Lightning          - Alexander Kaczorowski

Top Forward 2019/20 - Josh Fast

Top Goaltender

Bruins              - Scott Thompson

Thrashers        - Owen Savoie

Wild                 - Harrison Rogers

Wheat Kings    - Mason Lobreau

Selects            - Ethan Penner

Lightning          - Zack Meadows

Top Goaltender 2019/20 - Scott Thompson

Hardest Working Player

Bruins              - Dawson Bergagnini

Thrashers        - Anthony Jacob

Wild                 - Tazio Cianflone

Wheat Kings    - Mitchell Battersby

Selects            - Carter Johannesson

Lightning          - Evan Calder

Hardest Working Player 2019/20 - Carter Johannesson

Most Valuable Player

Bruins              - Michael Tanchuk

Thrashers        - Caden Zaplitny

Wild                 - Cole Younger

Wheat Kings    - Brayden MacKay

Selects            - Kaycee Coyle

Lightning          - Stefan Schaible-Schur

Most Valuable Player - Caden Zaplitny


Top Defenseman

Bruins              - David Bielik

Thrashers        - Lucas Brenton

Wild                 - Hughie Hooker

Top Defenseman 2019/20 - Hughie Hooker

Top Forward

Bruins              - Mathieu Catellier

Thrashers        - Brenden Huminuk

Wild                 - Tyler Thoendel

Top Forward 2019/20 - Tyler Thoendel

Top Goaltender

Bruins              - Nikulas Jerris

Thrashers        - Cole Plowman

Wild                 - Carson Cherepak

Top Goaltender 2019/20 - Carson Cherepak

Hardest Working Player

Bruins              - Miguel Bouvier

Thrashers        - Cameron Hibbert

Wild                 - Keefe Gruener

Hardest Working Player 2019/20 - Cameron Hibbert

Most Valuable Player

Bruins              - Mathieu Catellier

Thrashers        - Brandon Ambrozik

Wild                 - Carson Cherepak

Most Valuable Player 2019/20 - Carson Cherepak

Bank of Montreal/AAA Scholarship Awards were presented to the following Provincial Midget             players for 2019 - 2020 Season

Winnipeg Bruins           - Joey Bielik

Winnipeg Thrashers    - Brandon Ambrozik

Winnipeg Wild              - Jackson Klewchuk


Hockey Winnipeg AAA Council – Impact Player of the Year


Each year one player is selected by AAA council for making significant and exceptional contributions to his team’s success as well as to AAA hockey through his representation of the organization. This player is recognized as the AAA Impact Player of the Year. The Winnipeg Wild is once again very honored to have this year’s recipient of this award be a Wild player.


A few short years ago many wouldn’t have anticipated that this player would be in the position to receive this coveted award, in fact he likely wasn’t even on the radar. He wasn’t a perennial AAA player and year after year he had continually been passed over. However; he didn’t become discouraged, he continued to work hard where he did play, he worked hard in the off season and every year he came back again in September, to once again tryout for his respective AAA team. His years of hard work and perseverance finally paid off when at the age of 16 he earned a spot with the Winnipeg Wild Provincial U18 team. Although excited to have been selected for the team he was also mature enough to understand that his hard work and focus would need to continue and improve if he wanted to be successful at this level and beyond.


This year’s AAA Impact Player of the Year, Carson Cherepak, continued to work hard, continued to improve, continued to earn the respect of his peers, coaches and of others in the hockey community. He is a true example of what hard work, tenacity and perseverance can accomplish. Not only did Carson work his way onto a AAA Provincial U18 team but he also surprised everyone by earning the goaltender of the year award in his inaugural season in the league posting a record of 23-3-1, a GAA of 1.60 and a save % of .940. He then accomplished something that no other goalie had done at the Provincial U18 level. He repeated the same feat once again this past season being named the league’s top goaltender by posting a record of 24-3, a GAA of 1.40 and a save % of .941.


Seen as the key component of the Wild’s success this season and as a leader who prides himself on his strong work ethic, Carson is a person who is much more than just wins and statistics. He is someone who more importantly has proven to be a great teammate and a good person who is respectful, considerate and a role model for others. Congratulations Carson on being named the 2019-20 season AAA Impact Player of the Year. Well deserved!


Hockey Winnipeg – AAA Council Coach of the Year – 2019-2020


This year’s Coach of the Year is a true veteran of Hockey Winnipeg.  In fact he can almost to described as a lifetime member of Hockey Winnipeg having become a member in 1995.  He has played and Coached at all levels of the Hockey Winnipeg program starting at House League working his way up to AAA where he played for four years before graduating to Junior Hockey.   From Junior Hockey he moved to Senior and then College before taking up coaching in 2009.  His first team as a coach was the Dakota Bantam Female A1.  From there he moved to AA Rangers for three years before moving into the ranks of AAA in 2014.  He has sent the past six years in the AAA program in the Warriors/Bruins zone.  Along with his responsibilities with AAA he spent one year Coaching in the Provincial team program.  He has spent the past two years with the Bantam II and the Bantam I Warriors both years highly successful, winning the League Championship both years.  This past year his team went through the regular season undefeated, a rare occurrence in AAA.  Our Coach of the Year has strong technical skills and knowledge of the game, places a high emphasis on individual skill development and has a strong bench presence.  He has a strong desire to make coaching his career and puts a great deal of effort working towards achieving that goal. 

It is with a great deal of pleasure that we name Tyler Riel, Head Coach of the Bantam I Warriors as our Hockey Winnipeg – AAA Council Coach of the Year for 2019-2020.

Recent Winnipeg Warriors News

AAA Awards Banquet

By Kaelin Baydock 04/28/2019, 12:30pm CDT

See photos, award winners, and league changes for next year here!

What an amazing year of hockey the 2018-2019 season was! This season saw the Warriors defeat the Monarchs at the Bantam 2 level to win the city championship. The Monarchs won the city championship against the Sharks but be defeated in the provincial finals by the Eastman Selects who had won the rural championship at Bantam 1. Finally the Monarchs narrowly defeated the Sharks to take home the U17 Prep league title. To go along with all of this amazing team success, there were many individual success stories. These individuals were highlighted at the Annual AAA Year end and Awards Banquet at the Canad-Inns Polo Park. See below for a list of all the individual champions:


Defenceman of the Year:

Bantam 2- Blake Jones (Monarchs) and Andrew Hladun (Hawks)

Bantam 1- Sam Court (Monarchs)

U17 Prep- Aiden Forrest (Monarchs)

Provincial U18- Matthew Shatsky (Wild)


Forward of the Year:

Bantam 2- Jayden Perron (Warriors)

Bantam 1- Michael Cicek (Monarchs)

U17 Prep- Adam Ingram (Hawks)

Provincial U18- Kaden Bryant (Wild)


Goalie of the Year:

Bantam 2- Francois Gagnon (Eastman Selects)

Bantam 1- Matthew Kieper (Sharks)

U17 Prep- Ashton Howarth (Sharks)

Provincial U18- Carson Cherepak (Wild)


Hardest Working Player

Bantam 2- Hayden Chaloner (Sharks) and Joshua Degagne (Hawks)

Bantam 1- Mathew Renville (Warriors)

U17 Prep- Ty Earl (Wheat Kings)

Provincial U18- Braden Huminuk (Thrashers)


Most Valuable Player

Bantam 2- Lucas Hansen (Warriors)

Bantam 1- Matthew Kieper (Sharks)

U17 Prep- Rhonan White (Sharks)

Provincial U18- Reese Belton (Wild)


Scholarship Awards

Bruins- Jordan Woods

Thrashers- Andrew Hopko

Wild- Ethan Robson

Impact Player of the Year

Connor Roulette (Thrashers)


Coach of the Year

Paul Kruger (Wild)


Congratulations to all the award recipients and a job well done to all the nominees and players around the leagues.


Other notable new from the awards banquet:


The names of the leagues have been changed:

  • Provincial Midget -> U18 Provincial  
  • U17 City Midget -> U17 Prep
  • Bantam 1 -> U15 Bantam
  • Bantam 2 -> U14 Bantam


With the U17 league becoming a prep league for the U18 Provincial league, the zones within the U17 leagues will now follow the U18 Provincial boundaries.  This means that there will now only be 3 U17 teams within the city. Each team will have the same name as their corresponding U18 Provincial teams (Wild, Thrashers, Bruins).  

Playoff Brackets

By Kaelin Baydock 03/04/2019, 12:45pm CST

Daily Up dated playoff brackts

Playoff Preview

By AAA Hockey 02/27/2019, 9:30pm CST

With the regular season now over, the playoffs are upon us and here is a quick over view with some early predictions.

Bantam 2

The Bantam 2 playoffs start with the 4th place Eastman Selects playing a mini-series against the 5th place Sharks.  The winner of this series will move on to a best of seven game series against the first place Warriors who have been a dominant force all season.  The other series taking place at the same time will be between the 2nd place Monarchs and the 3rd place Hawks which are separated by only 2 points in the standings.  My prediction is that we will see a final that will feature the Monarchs taking on the Warriors in the final best of seven series with the Warriors being victorious.


All games will be taking place at Maples arena.  See the schedule at the bottom for game times.


Bantam 1

In the Bantam 1 league, only the teams within city limits are a part of this draw.  The first series sees the Monarchs (2nd place) take on the Hawks (6th place).  The Monarchs will be favourites to win this series.  The second series will include the Hawks (3rd place) and the Sharks (4th place).  There is a 2-point gap between them which will make for a well fought and long series between the two teams.  I believe we will see the Sharks come out victorious and take on the Monarchs in the final best of seven playoff round.  The league champion out of that series, who are predicted to be the Monarchs, will be headed to the Provincial finals to take on the rural champion.


All games will be taking place at Maples arena.  See the schedule at the bottom for game times.


U17 Prep

The U17 prep playoff schedule sees the first place Monarchs get a bye into the second round with the remaining six teams facing off to see who advances.  The remaining series are set up with the Sharks (2nd place) taking on the Interlake Lighting (7th place), the Hawks (3rd place) against the Warriors (6th place), and the Eastman Selects (4th place) versus the Brandon Wheat Kings (5th place).  The second round of playoffs will most likely see the well-rested Monarchs playing the Wheat Kings, the Sharks taking on the Hawks which will both yield well fought and long battles between the teams.  The league final is expected to see the first place Monarchs take on the second place Sharks in a battle of the two top teams.  With more fire power over the Sharks, the Monarchs look to be the favourites to be the league champions.


All games will be taking place at Maples arena.  See the schedule at the bottom for game times.