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By Winnipeg AAA, 08/01/18, 6:45PM CDT


The AAA Council is pleased to announce their Coaches for the coming season.

The AAA Council is pleased to announce their Coaches for the coming season.  The loss of three veteran Coaches, who moved on to other opportunities, has required the Council to carry out an aggressive recruiting process and shuffle a number of our Coaches into new positions.  We continue to have a very veteran and experienced group of coaches and are looking forward to a competitive season.  Along with three new coaching staffs for the coming season the AAA Council is pleased to announce the addition of one team to the Bantam II Division from Eastman and one team to the U17 AAA Midget Prep Division from Brandon.

With the coach selection process now complete we turn our attention to putting together our schedule.  The Tryout Schedule has been completed and provided to all our coaches.  Several suggestions from our coaches have been incorporated into the Tryout Schedule which should help with the overall team selection process.  While the Council strives each year to put together the “ideal” schedule we must keep in mind the monumental task our scheduler maker has to deal with when incorporating all the many special requests that come along with ice being provided from all the teams and regions involved in our leagues.  Scheduling is not limited to games, but includes Skill Development Sessions, Off Ice Training, Tournaments and Practices.  When everything is included we believe our program offers a well thought out, rounded and progressive hockey experience for all of our players at the appropriate age level.

Winnipeg AAA Coaches for 2018 – 2019 are:

  • Bantam II Division (13 Year Old Players)
    - Hawks- Vince Hourie
    - Monarchs- Ryan Didoshak
    - Sharks- Bert Friesen
    - Warriors- Tyler Riel

    Bantam I Division (14 Year Old Players)
    - Hawks- Aaron Kaatz
    - Monarchs- John Fehr
    - Sharks- Dennis Senebald

    - Warriors  - Scott Coates

  • U17 AAA Midget Prep

  • - Hawks- Troy Kennedy
    - Monarchs- Fred Barnes
    - Sharks- Jerald Brasko
    - Warriors- Alaine Girard

  • Provincial Midget
  • - Bruins- Jeff Sveinson
    - Thrashers- Jim Berezowsky
    - Wild- Paul Krueger