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By Dallas McDougalll, 03/02/18, 5:00PM CST


Well it’s the time of year that hockey families know all too well. Daylight flashes a glimpse of summer, only to freeze at night. Your tongue is hurting from rolling up the rim twice a day, and fresh washed cars are dime a dozen. It’s the time of year where players and coaches practice less and play more. The time where hearts are broken, friendships are molded, and lasting memories are made. You guessed it folks, it’s playoff hockey!



The Numbers:

1 game to nothing, Warriors over Sharks

2 games to nothing, Selects over Lightning


Forward Look:

The City Midget playoff match-up has only just begun. Stay tuned for more unscripted drama taking place at the MTS Ice plex.



The Numbers:

1 Game took extra time

2 series swept – Hawks and Sharks victorious

3-0 for the Hawks in the Current Series

6 Sharks players with over 4 goals

10 points for Cameron Jones, Branden Huminuk, and Matthieu Moreira to lead the Sharks

21 points for Connor Roulette to lead the Hawks


Forward Look:

The Hawks lead the Sharks 3-0 in the series. Bantam 1 Division games go on hold for over a week. The momentum of the series is to be determined, as the odd break could work for or against the Hawks.



The Numbers

Series 1 - 

1 G, 1A for Ryder Ringer

2 Goals for Nicholas Guberman

2A for Damien Gardner and Josh Fillman

5 different goal contributors for the Monarchs

6-0 Monarchs over Hawks

Series 2 - 

21 to 20 shots on goal

5-1 Sharks over Warriors

4 different offensive contributors for the Sharks

3 points for Joshua Fast

2 Short-handed goals

1 G, 1A for Demelash McKay

1 Goal for Sam Zagari for the Warriors

Forward Look

Hawks (4) vs Monarchs (1): In the case that the Monarchs continue on their offensive trend, it will be a high scoring series if the Hawks are to battle back. However, each period, as well as each game in the playoffs is a brand-new script to be written by the will of the players and the desire to win.

Sharks (2) vs Warriors (3): These team finished the season almost dead even in goals, the difference is in the goals against. If the Warriors can play a tighter defensive game going forward it will be a very tight series.