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Winnipeg Jets AAA Classic: Day 3

By Dallas McDougall, 12/01/17, 5:45PM CST


Day 3: Sunday, Nov.26th, 2017


Sabres 1


Sharks 3

Hawks 5


Monarchs 1


Out of the four teams competing in the medal games on Sunday, three were local. The Hawks clinched 3rd place in the tournament over their old time rivals the Monarchs. Meanwhile the Sharks put the cherry on top of a special weekend for them as they served the St. Albert Sabres their first loss of the tournament. Matthieu Catellier, Branden Huminuk, Cameron Hibbert, and Cameron Jones were key contributors for the Sharks success all tournament and came up big once again in the final game. Catellier had two tallies himself in the 3 to 1 victory. Congratulations to goes to the Bantam 1 Winnipeg Sharks for their first place finish.

A special shout out goes to the staff at True North Sports and Entertainment for putting together the first Winnipeg Jets AAA classic. It was great to see that the Winnipeg hockey caliber is up there with the western hockey areas that typically are seen as the measuring stick for next level Bantam tournaments.

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