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B2 Monarchs Clinch Tournament Win Out East

By Winnipeg AAA, 12/04/17, 10:00PM CST


Congratulations to the Bantam 2 Monarchs

Last weekend, from Dec.1st to the 3rd, the Monarchs and Warriors ventured out to the East for the Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs Tournament. THe format contained 16 teams and 4 divisions, featuring teams mainly from the Greater Toronto Area as well as some teams from St. Louis.

The Winnipeg Monarchs took over the tournament, but not as handily as the game sheets would make it appear. Each game was a fight and the format of the tournament for the winning team was grueling due to tight schedules and as many as 7 games played over the course of 3 days.

The Monarchs had an incredible 6-0-1 record, and only allowed 1 goal in 7 games. One 4-0, two 2-0, three 3-0, and a 1-1 tie again the Kingston Jr. Frontenacs.

Game 1 Monarchs defeat Mississauga Reps 4 - 0
Game 2 Monarchs tie Kingston Jr. Frontenac's 1 - 1
Game 3 Monarchs defeat Guelph Jr. Gryphons 2 - 0
Game 4 Monarchs defeat West Seneca Wings 2 - 0
Game 5 (quarter final) Monarchs defeat Kingston Jr. Frontenac's 3 - 0
Game 6 (semi final) Monarchs defeat Mississauga Reps 3 - 0
Game 7 (Final) Monarchs defeat Nickel City Sons 3 - 0


Hats off to the Bantam 2 Monarchs team and coaching staff for their success in the tournament.


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