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Winnipeg Jets AAA Classic: Day 2

By Dallas McDougall, 11/27/17, 4:45PM CST


Day 2: Saturday, Nov.25th, 2017


Saturday morning concluded each teams third and final round robin game, setting the stage for the playoff rounds.The Hawks, Monarchs and Warriors represented Winnipeg in the final four in company with the St. Albert Sabres who finished with a 3-0 record.


In the Winnipeg match up between the Hawks and the Sharks, the Sharks were the underdogs based off of the leagues regular season standings. Out of all the games in the tournament, this turned out to be one of the most eventful. Fans were kept on there toes with lots of high slot scoring chances and big checks thrown both ways.  The Sharks emerged victorious with a 4-2 win, out-shooting the Hawks 36 to 15 to solidify a spot in the tournament final.


On the rink over, the St. Albert Sabres and the Winnipeg Monarchs were having a much different contest. Over the course of the tournament, team speed on the transition was the common trait for coming out on top and St. Albert showed off their ability to move up the ice quickly and capitalize on opportunity. The Monarchs throughout the tournament also displayed that team speed was also their strength, however an early bout ending in a tie against the Hawks could have taken the wind out of their sails for the Sabres. Ethan Sundar of the Sabres was the impact player of the game with 3 goals, and 2 assists to lead his team.

Game Scores

AM GAMES (#9-12):

Sharks 11


Warriors 2

Cougars 3


Sabres 4

Hawks 2


Monarchs 2

Wolves 1


CAC Edmonton 3





1st) St. Albert Sabres

2nd) Winnipeg Sharks

3rd) Southwest Cougars

4th) Winnipeg Warriors



1st) Winnipeg Hawks

2nd) Winnipeg Monarchs

3rd) CAC Lehigh Cement

4th) Minot Wolves


PM GAMES (Playoff):

Cougars 3


Wolves 4

CAC Lehigh Cement 5


Warriors 4

Sabres 8 (Blue #1)


Monarchs 1 (Red #2)

Hawks 2 (Red #1)


Sharks 4 (Blue #2)


Click the gallery below for a plethora of in game photos!