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AAA Winnipeg Adds Assets to their Council

By Winnipeg AAA, 06/06/19, 7:30PM CDT


AAA Winnipeg Adds Assets to their Council

AAA Winnipeg is pleased to announce the addition of three new members to their council for the 2019 – 2020 Season.

Taylor Keane and Andrea Bruce will be the Directors responsible for Equipment, Purchasing and team supplies.

Dan Bonar will be the Director of Coach/Player Development.

AAA Winnipeg spoke with Dan and Taylor and they shared some insight into their past experiences before joining the long established hockey group:

AAA - Dan, you are the only former NHL player on the council yet you help AAA Winnipeg?  Where do your motivations come from?

Dan - My life in hockey started at a very young age. I was fortunate to be associated with people involved in Hockey Programs who were very good mentors and leaders, Managers and Coaches etc. 

This was true and consistent from 3 years old to Junior at 15 to NHL at 21 even though it took a lot of Hard Work, Good Practice, Perseverance through many good times and some not so good. 

For this reason I have always enjoyed the game number one, and whatever I did while involved. 

Another reason is as I move forward in the later part of my life I want to help these young 

Athletes achieve their goals in hockey and have the same opportunities that I had.  It is an opportunity for all of us to help the coaches and players“Get Better “

AAA - Taylor what are you doing now and how did you find the time for AAA Winnipeg? 

Taylor - I am currently working part-time as a student. I am however fairly busy with school this summer. I will be graduating at the end of August and will hopefully have more free time! I’ve always worked multiple jobs while in school so I am used to being very busy!

AAA - Dan can you talk a little about what the role of scouting has meant to you?

Dan - I first started over 15 years ago in the WHL.  I had some scouting experience but spent most of my time Coaching, Teaching Skills, and administering in Hockey. I took a look at WHL scouting with the thoughts of giving it a Whirl. I had played for 15 years. I had Administered and coached for 15 years. So I set out to Scout and I managed for 15 years.  Now here we are. 

So hopefully I can use what I have learned along the way and going forward we can do our best to bring that to our program at AAA Winnipeg.

Watching over 600 games a year gives you a great opportunity to learn something new each day.  As a hockey scout that is what you are paid to do.  Watch and Learn. 

AAA - Taylor, what are your hockey roots?

Taylor - I have never played but I grew up in a hockey family. My dad coaches and teaches hockey for a career and my brothers have played their whole lives. I also worked at a sporting goods store for years so I’ve always been around the game.

AAA Council welcomes Dan, Taylor and Andrea to our Administration Group and looks forward to putting their vast body of knowledge and expertise to work for the greater good of the overall AAA program.