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    A Guide to Safety for Young Athletes

    By OrthoInfo 05/23/2019, 12:00pm CDT

    Growth plates are the areas of developing cartilage at the ends of long bones where bone growth occurs in children. 

    How to Get Your Child to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

    By HealthyChildren.Org 05/21/2019, 12:00pm CDT

    Avoid buying high-calorie foods such as chips, cookies, and candy bars. Your child may not ask for these treats if they are not in sight.

    Dealing With Muscle Soreness in Youth Athletes

    By Vanessa Mejia, USA Football 05/17/2019, 12:00pm CDT

    They say time heals all wounds, don't they? Well, that means muscles too! Taking it easy for a couple of days works wonders.