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Bantam 1 and 2 Coaches & Managers

  1. The Home Team must phone in the score to the score line after every game.  The phone number for the Score Line is 204 – 222 - 5292.
  2. The Home Team must fax or scan and e-mail the game sheet to both Derrick Dubell and Norm Jones.  This should be done the next day at the latest, unless the game is on the weekend and you don’t have access to a fax or scanner.  (Please - No Photos of the Game Sheet.)
    Derrick’s fax#1–888–259-3564 e-mail
    Norm’s fax #204–661-8015  e-mail
  3. Please read the Hockey Winnipeg Rules and Regulations book.  There is a lot of information that you will need to know.  Please pay close attention to the regulations for Suspensions.  (reference page 95).  If a team official or player receives penalties which will most likely result in a suspension, please sit him out for the next game.  If you are in doubt, please e-mail or phone me.  I do not always get the game sheets or referee’s report immediately following a game.  This can sometimes be an issue when a team is out of town or playing 2 games in 2 days such as on the weekend. We do not want players who should be suspended playing. This would result in the coach playing an ineligible player (which would result in a suspension to the coach). The onus is on the coach.
  4. Game Sheets – please ensure any suspended player or team official are identified on the game sheet with susp. beside their name.  Also, any player who is injured, missing due to illness, away at a school function, or for some other reason is not dressing for the game, you may want to cross his name off the game sheet. This would ensure that Derrick does not count the player as a game played for the stats.
  5. Goaltenders – shots on goal must be recorded and marked down on the game sheet. Any goaltender change must also be recorded on the game sheet with the time of the change. If there is a goaltender change, please identify how many shots each goaltender had
  6. Please be advised that the use of Temporary Players (TP) or Affiliated Players (AP) requires the approval of the Division Director. Please send me an e-mail when requiring a temporary player. Include the Temporary Player’s name on the game sheet with AP or TP beside their name.
  7. Just a reminder to circle the starting goaltender on all 3 pages of the game sheet.
  8. There needs to be 5 skaters circled on all 3 pages of the game sheet. These 5 players will be the Shooters used in the shootout if the game is tied at the end of regulation time.
  9. Please remind your players of Hockey Winnipeg’s Social Media Policy. It can be found on Hockey Winnipeg’s website. I would recommend that coaches review the policy with all their players.

Norm Jones’ contact information:
Home Phone:204 – 661-4243
Cell Phone:        204 – 227-9380

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