Sunday, November 29, 2015
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GOW: Monarchs 6, Sharks 0 [BANTAM 1]
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Sunday, November 15, 2015

In honor of our veterans in this week of remembrance, it's important to be thankful for the service and sacrifice made to give the world a better future. A future that is now, where we have voting rights, safe living, and opportunity to be who we want to be. Lest we forget. For if not for the sacrifices made by our war heroes, there wouldn't be organized sports like hockey...nor would I be planning a segue into the game summary!

It was hockey night in Canada Saturday, not only on the big screen but here in Winnipeg. Our featured game this week was out of the Bantam 1 division between the Monarchs and Sharks. The Monarchs have been red hot with no losses, seven points ahead of the rest of the division, while the Sharks are at .500 with the rest of the pack.


The first period featured lots of team speed from the Monarchs all over the ice. Applying pressure to a conservative Sharks team sitting back on their heals. Many individual puck battles won in the Monarchs favor, gave birth to offensive chances in which the Monarchs capitalized on twice.


The first came off of a rebound poked out from underneath of Dawson Rattai's glove by Nakodan Greyeyes. The second came from a smooth feed by Michael Ladyman through the middle to Eric Fawkes back door. The period concluded at 2-0 for the Monarchs.


The second was very much a continuation of the first with two more goals put up by the Monarchs. The Sharks made adjustments to the fore-check and were able to break out under pressure, but when it came to zone entry, that was another barrier that the Monarchs put up preventing the Sharks from quality scoring chances. Heading into the third the Sharks found themselves in a 4-0 hole.


In the third and final frame, the Sharks came out fierce in the defensive zone with some crushing hits from defensive backbone Ryden Fedyck. Despite this the Monarchs stuck to their game and received calls from the referees. The Monarchs had extensive power play time in the period, displaying great skill and even greater puck movement from all five players on the ice.


The Monarchs lived up to their average goals per period, potting two more. The last being a beautiful shot under the bar from the top of the circle by Brayden Foreman to put the cherry on top of a 6-0 win for the undefeated Monarchs.

GOW Part 2: Wild 6, Thrashers 3
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Sunday, November 08, 2015

On Wednesday, November 4th, we focused our attention on a higher tier than usual. Sunday featured a game from the freshman level of AAA and now we are going to take a quantum leap to the provincial level where every game demands great skill and consistency to pull out on top any given night. The Wild and Thrashers tore up and down the Iceplex's Free Press ice in their first meeting of the season.

In the first period both teams came out hot, with physicality before and after the whistle, quickly establishing how the game was going to be played. The Thrashers got the puck in deep the first shift and Dylan Burton found net 28 seconds into the game. Although the Wild didn't let this effect their game plan and were rewarded with a tally of their own a minute later from Kelton Sutherland. Most of the period was extremely tight, each having to work for their chances.


Shots were fairly even at 12 to 10 in favor of the Wild. They did find more success on the fore-check, applying pressure through the middle and up the walls. This made the defenseman really have to think about the first pass out of the zone.


Tanner Mole helped the Wild to a 2-1 lead with a follow up on his own rebound, fighting off two sticks to beat Dylan Myskiw.


The pace continued into the second period but the harder working team this time was the Thrashers, peppering the Wild 19 7 on period. Netminder Mitchel Adamyk was called upon and did a stellar job weathering the storm. He showcased a nice combination of size and quickness in his crease.


Dylan Burton started things off on the right foot with his second goal of the night. But on a fast break the other way Riley Stotts had chance and made no mistake beating Myskiw clean moments later. 


The story of this period was quality versus quantity and the Wild had a few prime opportunities that were capitalized on. Going the other way chances were not strong enough to beat Adamyk's solidarity in the pipes. A late power play at the end of the period helped the Wild increase their lead to two, ending the period 4-2.


In the third and final frame both coaches were aware that the rest of the game would be decided by who dictates the pressure early on. The Wild did not leave the game to chance for very long, going up an additional two goals in the first five minutes.


The Thrashers did have one last tally from Nate Hooper but with a commanding 6 -3 lead the Wild reverted to the trap and slowed the last half of the period. The two points for the Wild distanced the two rivals as well as kept them within two points of the Eastman Selects at the top of the standings. 

GOW - Part 1: Warriors 4, Hawks 1 (Bantam 2 Division)
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Thursday, November 05, 2015

Over the years of AAA hockey, there have been repeating patterns through the generations. A particularly undeniable pattern is the style of play coming from different areas of the city. This past Sunday's game at the Maples was full of all the hockey elements to make for an exciting show of aptitude and grit. It was the tough Warriors and the extra tough Hawks, duking it out in the Bantam 2 division.
Lets break it down. The Hawks. Classic, hard-hitting and relentless fore-checking, accompanied by skilled players with great size. The Warriors. Great team speed, tough as nails and always playing with an extra edge, no matter the opponent.


The first period was battled out in the tight areas and throughout the neutral zone. The Hawks having success clogging the Warriors neutral zone attack, making it very hard for them to create chances in the offensive zone.


Benjamin Zander stepped up for the Warriors late in the period on a fast break, displaying explosive speed up the wing, firing a shot passed Hawks tender Noah Gilbert. The period concluded at 1-0.


In the second the Warriors started with the man advantage in which the Hawks took control through neutral zone pressure.


5-on-5 was a slightly different story. The Hawks strength and compete never slowed, but as the Warriors began to cater more to their teams speed, trouble ensued in the Hawks zone. The Warriors capitalized again with a nice shot taken by Jack Kaiser thanks to a helper from Matthew McLeod, his second of the game.


The Hawks answered back on the power play to keep it tight at 2-1 and the boiling pot was beginning boil over. Shift after shift of compete, big plays made, even bigger hits, and bodies flying. This was some fine hockey.


An absolute dynamo and game changer for the Hawks was center man Sequoia Swan. Already standing at 5 foot 10 inches was the most effective in the defensive zone, fore-checking, and generating scoring chances. The guy was everywhere and frustrating at least half the people in the rink! Unfortunately this wasn't enough because the Warriors capitalized on two more prime scoring chances, taking a commanding 4-1 lead heading into the third.


In the third, it became apparent that the Hawks were more effective in the tight areas, winning physical battles, and the Warriors would take advantage when given enough space. The whole game pace and domination was dictated by who was falling victim to the others style of play.


The Hawks were under pressure early on, not giving up too many opportunities but getting trapped at the blue line attempting to get the puck out. Many tripping and roughing penalties were given out this period, slowing the pace of the game. 21 minutes in the third period. Bone crushing hits continued from both sides. The Hawks did have a great push for 10 minutes in the middle of the period but the Warriors went into shut down mode early solidifying the 4-1 victory. 

GOW: Monarchs 6, Hawks 5 (SO)
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Monday, October 26, 2015

For this weeks featured game we tune into a City Midget match up between the Hawks and Monarchs. The division has kicked off to a great start, the Warriors, Hawks Monarchs, and Selects positioning themselves within 2 points of one another at the top of the leader board.


Sunday's game was played in the Remax Arena at MTS Iceplex. Although the game did take a while to get going, it was an extremely entertaining game for the players and the fans...and I'm sure a nail biter for the coaches. The first period shots were 11 to 10 for the Monarchs, both teams playing similar systems applying pressure especially in the opposing zones.


Riley Cusack was the first to strike for the Monarchs, 8 minutes into the period which gave a spark to the Hawks game, using the extra edge and the momentum necessary to battle back with a late period goal.


The shift after a goal is crucial and the Monarchs didn't seem to be phased, winning a center ice draw and releasing a quick shot just inside the blue line to maintain a 1 goal lead ending the period at 2-1.


The second period was more one sided due to the Monarchs visiting the sin bin on three occasions. However, the first was killed off and Zachary Falck stretched the lead to two at 15:43. The rest of the period had the Monarchs running around while the Hawks got numerous chances, out shooting their opposition 20 to 12. A consistent hardworking fore-check exemplified by Hawks Captain James Barclay lead to two Hawks goals to tie the game going into the third.


And the scoring didn't slow down in the final frame. Zachary Falck lit the lamp for his second of the game. Just when you thought there was nothing left in the tank, the Hawks came back with two back to back goals once again to take the lead. With the second goal being at 6:30, the Monarchs had a small opportunity to even up the game. A costly roughing penalty helped Zachary Falck clinch a hattrick and tie the game!


The game could have used some more excitement with an NHL style 3-on-3 or 4-on-4, but at this stage in the season that's not the case. It took the Monarchs four shooters to get the extra point in a shootout victory. The final was 6-5.

GOW: Monarchs 3, Warriors 1
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Click here to view Photo Gallery for the game of the week. 

This past Saturday featured a plethora of games played all over in AAA hockey. In the Bantam 1 division, the contest was heated enough to keep the fans warm for all three frames. The Warriors and Monarchs face off in another classic grudge match at the Notre Dame arena in St. Boniface.


In the first period both teams utilized their speed, creating offensive chances both ways as well as finishing checks at every opportunity. You could really tell each team was trying to send a message early.


The play was in the Warriors favor in the first 5 minutes. A couple great chances, one completely beating Monarch goaltender Isaac Poulter before deflecting high off the crossbar. At the 15-minute mark momentum swung back in the Monarchs favor with a power play, creating great scoring opportunities. The Monarchs had help from a second power play to go ahead by a goal.


The Warriors still maintained their style of play, outworking the Monarchs in most areas of the ice. Despite being short a man for 4 minutes in the period they persevered and answered back at the end of the period to keep it tied at 1.


The second period was a lot more Warriors. A great fore-check and forwards executing the cycle, throwing every shot they could towards the net. Poulter had the game in his hands and came to play when it mattered the most, redirecting all pucks that came his way when his team was bogged down. All flurries aside, no scoring in the period.
This set the stage for a third that could go either way. The man advantage came to the Monarchs rescue early in the period once again, taking a 2-1 lead within 2 minutes of the period.


The Warriors didn't sit back, applying pressure and speed through the neutral zone while hitting anything red. Again, Poulter kept the Monarchs out of the fire, turning away all chances.


Although the Warriors continued to apply pressure to any attack coming in their zone, a quick shot from defensemen Jonathon Lambos on a broken play through traffic sealed the deal on a 3-1 Monarch victory.


City Midget Schedule
Posted by: AAA Admin
Thursday, October 15, 2015

AAA Council was informed yesterday that the Parkland Ranger City Midget team was not going to be able to participate in the 2015/16 exhibition schedule.
At this time all games have been removed from the City Midget Schedules and for the Hawks, Sharks, Monarchs and Warriors the game dates are now listed as practice ice.  Please note that these are 2 hours slots.
Thank you 

Posted by: Winnipeg AAA
Sunday, September 27, 2015

Game and practice schedules have been adjusted for the following:
- City Midget Yellowhead not participating in 2015/16
- City Midget Parkland not able to play on October 3, 4, 10, and 11.
- Focus fitness Monday.
Please review your schedule for changes. 

Posted by: Winnipeg AAA
Monday, September 21, 2015

The 2015 - 16 AAA schedules have been posted, practice ice will be added tomorrow, September 22, 2015.

Save Percentage
Posted by: Winnipeg AAA
Friday, October 04, 2013

Although the goaltender statistic are currently showing save percentage the information is not accurate.  In order to have the goaltender information show on the team page, shots on goal have to be entered and at this point 30 per game are being put in. This is being looked at to have the actual numbers provided

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