Sunday, March 29, 2015
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GOW2: Monarchs 3, Warriors 1 - City MIdget Playoff Finals
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Friday, March 27, 2015

On Monday, March 23rd the AAA playoffs were concluded with the last Monarch/Warrior rivalry, taking place at the MTS Ice plex in the City Midget division. In the previous game, with the series tied at 2-2, arguably the hardest fought battle of the playoffs took place.
With the Warriors coming out taking a commanding 3-0 lead, the Monarchs desperately clawed their way back into the game sending it to overtime. Both goalies stood on their head and it took an exhausting four additional periods to decide the winner. The Monarchs came out on top to lead the series 3-2 going into Monday night's game.



After putting so much effort into the last game you have to wonder how much fight these teams have left in them. 10 periods of hockey within 48 hours takes its toll on the body. Both teams came out energized with a great crowd in the stands bringing the noise. Neither team was showing any signs of fatigue.


Early on in the first period a power play shot from the blue line opened up a rebound that was tapped in after Matthew Radomsky turned away a flurry of shots. He played a big part in weathering the storm from the Monarchs forecheck. While not having any difficulty with direct shots, deflections and bounces off the back wall helped the Monarchs find the back of the net.

Despite giving the Monarchs lots of momentum, the Warriors took their game to the next level and had great chances of their own, without any success. The Warriors sent a message that they were not going to go down with out a fight, which was made clear by Nicholas Doyle who laid crushing hits on anyone who stepped into his corner.

The Monarchs main source of energy was coming from captain Tyler Campbell's line which hounded pucks in the final minutes hemming the Warriors in their zone, concluding the period up 1-0.

The second period saw more dominance from the Monarchs side. They continued to come with tons of speed and the bounces were in their favor, winning puck battles and receiving calls from the refs for the extra man 3 times.

The Warriors frustration was evident, at one point taking back-to-back penalties. Their passing lanes were taken away making the only options to skate, dump, or chip the puck into open ice. Again Matthew Radomsky went to work this period to keep his team in the game, showing great poise on odd man rushes, deflecting the rebounds into the corner.

The Warriors built up some steam in the last five minutes with a great push in the offensive zone. Ryan Hall was solid all night and practically a third defenseman out there at times. The Warriors came hard on the defensemen trying to tire them out with a dump and chase but Hall was there to put out their fire. On many occasions he stepped out of the net and moved the puck directly to the forwards or high off the glass. One of these plays resulted in a late goal from the Monarchs forward Eric Lecuyer in the final minute to extend the lead to 2 goals after 2 periods.

The potential for a come back in the third period was eliminated at 14:11, when Thomas Hansell scored his second of the playoffs creating a 3-goal margin. The Warriors gave everything they had utilizing all their tools, with crushing hits and hunger on the forecheck. The Monarchs handled this for the most part but the pressure started to wear on their defensemen. On a great effort in the final minutes, Codey Beaulieu drove wide down the right side showcasing impressive speed and lifting it top shelf to beat Ryan Hall.

The Monarchs went into shutdown mode emerged victorious as the Champions of the City Midget division! Congratulations to all the players and coaching staff on a great playoff run.




GOW: Monarchs 3, Warriors 2 (OT) - Bantam 2 Playoffs
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Wednesday, March 25, 2015

With a commanding lead in the series, there is always the unspoken fear of complacency that crosses the leaders mind. The saying has been used already, but I can't help but use it again. The hardest thing to do in a playoff hockey series is put a team away. And again it rang true in classic fashion on Saturday, March 21st at the Maples Community center in the Bantam 2 final.


With a 3-0 lead in the series the Monarchs came out showing no signs of holding back. Unfortunately, it came to a screeching halt with a high hit, putting Connor Tyhy awkwardly into the boards and eventually out of the rink on a stretcher. Nobody wishes that on any player, no matter what the stakes. Thankfully it was only a minor injury.

This gave the Warriors a 5-minute power play, only to be cut in half by a penalty to make it 4-on-4.

The regular play in the period featured a great show of hard work on both sides, battling in the neutral zone, each team trying to utilize their speed on the transition. The Monarchs won the battle for offensive zone possession most of the period. Their attack opened up the defense for great shot opportunities.
Going the other direction, the Warriors also made a great effort but had difficulty finding a clear lane to the net. Net minder Jacob Cramer easily handled the shots that did get through. Notable contributors from the Warriors were Brayden Clark, Reece Vitelli, and Miguel Tetreault who all had chances and gave the Monarchs trouble on the forecheck. The game was scoreless at the end of the first frame.

The second period got off to a much faster start. Quick puck movement through the neutral zone by both teams would lead to high speed scoring opportunities that within seconds would change direction for a chance the other way.
The Monarchs had a series of power plays that did not seem to click in the passing department, but managed to keep the pressure on with even strength and score the first goal of the game. With a nice behind the net pass from Eric Fawkes to Luke Seremet, immediately pulling the trigger in tight just above the crease.
Eric Fawkes was the common denominator on a second Monarchs goal in the final seconds of the period. Warrior's keeper Brody Lawson did a great job making the first, as well as the second save only to let the third shot from Tristan Thompson in the net. The Monarchs took a 2-0 lead going into the third.

The third was a roller coaster full of emotions for everyone including the players and coaching staff. 2-0 is not a friendly lead. The Monarchs continued with their game plan, picking up where they left off in the second. One chance the other way and the tables turned when Luc Masse put in an unassisted goal with 15:41 on the clock, giving new life to the Warriors squad.

The two teams compete level was at its highest point in the last 10 minutes of the game. The Monarchs entry and point blank opportunities made it seem like the game was locked away but with 1 minute left in the period, the Warriors went all in with an empty net.


The shear determination of captain Brayden Clark was proven once again when he willed the puck in the net with .3 milliseconds on the clock. Unbelievable. The comeback was completed and the Monarchs were in disbelief as their once 2-goal lead with 20 minutes left had been erased.

The whole building was now at the edge of their seats, with such evenly matched chances in overtime there was no telling who was going to come out on top. The stage was set for glory and the only thing missing was a hero. Noel Scantlebury was in the right place at the right time and more than willing to step into the roll, driving wide alone and beating Brody Lawson with a shot from an unlikely angle short side to clinch the 2015 Bantam 2 Championship.

Congratulations to the Bantam 2 Monarch organization on a well deserved Championship!


GOW: AAA Playoff Final Action
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Friday, March 20, 2015

Tonight's article is a special edition featuring lots of action in the AAA hockey world.

All the divisional finals are underway and only two organizations are left standing. The Monarchs and Warriors, in all three divisions are in a race to 4 wins.

The City Midget series after last night is tied at 2-2 with the Warriors coming back to win two games straight after the Monarchs took an early lead. All contest between them have been close for the most part, only to open up in the 2nd and 3rd periods. Last nights game was a turning point in the series and the score speaks to that, as it was an absolute nail biter, with nothing on the board until they traded goals in the third. The overtime hero was Dylan Stockl, 1 minute into OT to keep the series tied.


The Bantam 2 series is at 3-0 for the Monarchs after a convincing 7-2 win last night. The first two games have been filled with hard-hitting and tight defensive play. Although the Warriors have out shot the Monarchs, they still managed to get more points on the board even though they had frequent visits to the penalty box.

The Bantam 1 series has been an all out war of unscripted drama. Each night can go anyway depending on momentum swings, and even when the hockey gods appear to be swaying towards one team, the tables are turned. Scenarios like two short-handed goals in the third period of game 1 to help the Warriors prevail. Both teams going on two game streaks only to be tied at 2 all before Tuesday's game, where the Warriors came out on top in a crucial game to go up 3-2.
This brings us to the main feature of the article, the last two games of the Bantam 1 series.

Tuesday's match up had great compete from both sides, with a great level of compete and extremely defensive systems.
The Warriors early on pressured with a 1-2-2, forcing the Monarchs defenseman to skate the puck and limiting the speed on the breakout.



The Monarchs countered with a more traditional 2-1-2 forecheck, forcing the defense to make a smart decision because the walls are taken away while forwards like Riley Stotts sharked for turnovers.

This style of play made for a chess match for the first half of the game. The scoring chances were limited on both sides of the ice and the aggressive Monarchs checking was picked apart by the Warriors defense lead by smooth puck moving and solid plays on the puck by Jet Woo.

It wasn't until the last 10 minutes of the second period that the Warriors potted 3 goals, 2 of which came immediately after two Monarch power plays.
The third period featured a frustrated Monarch team who had to kill off numerous penalties, preventing them of getting any chances of their own. The Warriors capitalized twice more, sealing the game and a 3-2 lead in the series.
The Warriors tasted blood and were hungry in Game 6. In the first period they came out and found the back of the net within the first two minutes thanks to Justin Nachbaur.

The rest of the period however was a fairly even bout although the Monarchs did hold the majority of puck possession in the offensive zone. Warriors goaltender Brendan Benoit kept cool in all situations handling the shots that came his way.  

The Warriors were coming with hard two-man pressure making it very difficult for the Monarchs to make a clean play out of the zone. The period concluded with a man advantage for the Warriors, creating more momentum in their favor.
This continued into the second period and like the first, Warriors capitalize on a point shot from captain Jet Woo.  

Down 2-0 now, the Monarchs raised their compete level, exchanging big hits and offensive chances. The Warriors did not give Riley Stotts' line much room. With the last change they line matched with the Daley and Woo line, which made it hard to make a play in the neutral or offensive zone.


Overall, the Warriors controlled the flow in the period through disciplined systems and relentless fore-checking.


The final period opened with two quick goals from both respective teams making it 3-1. The Warriors consistency and speed on the attack began to wear at the Monarchs core, dominating puck possession and scoring opportunities. Unfortunately the Monarchs took an unnecessary penalty out of frustration to dig them into a deeper hole.
Up 4-1 the Warriors slowed down the final 5 minutes with the 1-2-2 forecheck, taking away the middle of the ice. The Monarchs did not go down without a final attempt. They pulled their goalie with 4:36 left to push with an extra man. Although they managed to maintain puck control it was not enough to give them a sniff of a game 7. Riley Stotts managed to score with last 30 seconds to make it 4-2.

The Warriors reign as the new Bantam 1 champions! Next up are the Provincials, followed by the Western Canadian Bantam Championships.


Game of the Week: Warriors 4, Sharks 2 - Bantam 2
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The first period was a scoreless contest, which saw aggressive forecheck's from both sides forcing each other to make the tough play to get out of their zone.
The Sharks had the most success on the attack due to their ability to make the simple play under pressure put on by a hard-hitting Warriors forecheck, lead by captain Brayden Clark.

The last 6 minutes of the period featured an abundance of great scoring chances for the Sharks, but failed to put any points on the board. Chad Harrison weathered the storm with great rebound control and help from his defensemen clearing bodies in front of the net.

The Sharks continued their roll from the end of the first, dominating possession and time on attack. With great offensive chances and blistering shots, eventually the Sharks defenseman Josiah Vanderhooft capitalized on a shot that trickled over the shoulder of Chad Harrison 5 minutes into the frame. 

The Warriors struggle to move the puck through the neutral zone forecheck, getting little time in the offensive zone and fewer scoring chances. The Sharks did a great job preventing the Warriors from playing their game, which involves lots of speed and skill when entering the neutral and offensive zones. Instead the Sharks used their size and well-organized forecheck to force plays and lay the body at every opportunity. 

Later in the period the Sharks struck again with a beautiful goal by Jack Stewart only to be answered immediately on a lucky break for the Warriors. This was a huge goal to keep the Warriors in it and they road the momentum for the final four minutes of the period, ending 2-1 for the Sharks.
In the final 20 minutes the Sharks saw a completely different Warriors team. Attacking with some great speed, the Sharks had little time to breathe and even less time with the puck on the attack. 
The Warriors were relentless until finally a solo effort off the draw from captain Brayden Clark beat goal tender Dylan Arnold short side to tie the game 2-2. The Warriors took a penalty that gave the Sharks a chance to halt the onslaught but could not capitalize. 


Even strength again, the Warriors pressed on and with 6:02 left on the clock Reece Vitelli managed to pull off a heroic wrist shot beating the Sharks tender glove hand, while the defender took his legs out from underneath him - the sharks cannot believe it. 

The Sharks failed to answer back. The Warriors sealed it with an empty netter to win this crucial game 4-2 and keep the series tied at 2-2.
Game 5 in this series will take place 8:30 pm tonight at the Maples, following the other Bantam 2 series where the Monarchs are up 3-1 with a chance to eliminate the Hawks.

Game of the Week: Hawks 6, Selects 1 - City Midget
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Being neck-and-neck in the standings this year, the series has exceeded expectations, with two of three games undecided in regular time. While the Sharks handled the Lightning swiftly, and the Monarchs and Warriors wait with bye-weeks, everyone was tuned into the action at the MTS IcePlex Sunday, March 1st.
The first period was a tightly played chess match, each team playing their system and trying to force the first mistake. With 14:04 on the clock Eastman's Jonah Cook struck first, his second in the series.

The compete level was in hockey playoff fashion; both teams traded hits, scoring chances, and words of wisdom - so to speak. The Hawks speed and grit on the forecheck weaken the Eastman as the period went on and it paid off with a goal at the 9 minute mark by Dylan Burton, a huge contributor on the night in all areas of the game.

The Hawks followed up with an additional goal a minute later creating a huge momentum shift. The Eastman continued to struggle with the Hawks defensive zone forecheck, with lanes taken away and a stick or a body on each white and black jersey. The first period concluded with a score of 2-1.
The second period opened with great back-and-forth play. The Hawks kept up their brand of hockey, making it very hard to generate chances for the Selects offensively gifted forwards who had to resort to funneling pucks to the net and looking for rebounds from the wall of Theissen. The sin bin had many visitors this period due to frustrated and tired plays. 18 total penalties were handed out!
 The Hawks defenseman played a huge role for transitioning the puck on the attack, giving the Hawks forwards lots of chances with fast paced zone entry. It was not until there was 8:20 left in the period that the Hawks capitalized with a second consecutive goal from big forward Nicholas McCartan.
An additional goal was scored shortly after creating a three-goal spread and a dagger to the hearts of the Eastman Selects who immediately called a timeout to attempt to stop the bleeding. The Hawks maintained the 4-1 lead heading into the third period.
It's been said that one of the toughest things to do in playoff hockey is put a team away. For the pride of a hockey player would rather fight than sit back and accept defeat willingly.

The Eastman Selects did not go down without testing Hawks goaltender Logan Thiessen. He maintained a calm demeanor, whether it was making the big save or the short flurries amidst traffic in front he stuffed the Eastman and their hopes of a game five.

The third was a Hawk dominated period with no shortage of weight thrown around from both sides. The Selects did have a few chances in the first half and made a great push but it was too little too late. Dawson McKenzie and Preston Phillips added the 5th and 6th tally's to a 6-1 win and semi final birth against the top ranked Monarchs.

The next two City Midget playoff series start tomorrow, March 4th at the IcePlex with the Hawks taking on the Monarchs @ 6:40 pm and the Warriors facing off against Sharks @ 9:00 pm!

Game of the Week: Warriors 6, Hawks 3- City Midget
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Friday, February 13, 2015

The Warriors came out trigger happy, taking their offense to the Hawks doorstep at the MTS Iceplex on a cold stormy evening, Tuesday, February 10th. This period saw four unanswered goals from the Warriors, with a goal from Tyler Cormier (11) in the first four minutes followed by three quick goals in the last six minutes in the period.

Despite the early stumble out the gate, the Hawks did not go away early. They came out playing their brand of hockey with lots of pressure and finishing checks. This slowed down the Warriors speed on the attack, making for an even time of possession of the puck. Kaden Kotowich in particular had a huge impact for his team, hitting everything that moved and eventually capitalizing on a beautiful power-play goal that beat goaltender Matthew Radomsky. The Warriors answered back with a power-play goal of their own keeping the lead at four. The pace then rose to the next level for the last five minutes of the period. Lots of fast breaks for both teams and a great compete level in the corners creating tension, which lead to some jostling in between whistles. The score going into the 3rd being 5-1.
In the third the Hawks came out flying, throwing the body at every chance deliverying crushing blows. The Warriors didn't hesitate to push back and after outworking the Hawks for the first five minutes of period, a break was given to the Hawks who capitalized on the chance! The Warriors responded once more, again maintaining their league. The game was a heated feud right up to the end. Final score was 6-3.






Western Bantam Website
Posted by: Wnnipeg AAA
Monday, February 09, 2015

The 2015 Western Canadian Bantam website can by found at www.hockeywinnipegchampionshipsite,ca  Be sure to visit it for all the latest news on the upcoming championship.

Western Bantam Sponsor Packages
Posted by: Wnnipeg AAA
Monday, February 09, 2015

Gold = $6,000 and would receive a full page ad; postings on the Hockey Winnipeg web page, the AAA web page and the tournament web page; press conference included as the main/premier sponsor (largest signage); banners at all venues; 10 tournament passes; ceremonial puck drop at gold medal game; arena signage on placards at all games.  

Silver = $4,000 and would receive a full page ad; postings on the Hockey Winnipeg web page, the AAA web page and the tournament web page; press conference included as the second tier sponsor (minimum signage); banners at all venues; 6 tournament passes; arena signage on placards at all games. 

Bronze = $2,000 and would receive a half page ad; postings on the Hockey Winnipeg web page, the AAA web page and the tournament web page; banners at all venues; 4 tournament passes; arena signage on placards at all games. 

Game of the Week: Monarchs 9, Interlake 3 - Bantam 1 East
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Sunday, February 08, 2015

It was a hockey Saturday at the Iceplex with a number of games on all rinks; the Remax featured the first and last place teams in the Bantam 1 Eastern division. The Monarch's showed their dominance right of the bat, with quick puck movement and speed down low. Goaltender Adam Swan faced 14 shots while his team only got 2 on net. The Monarch's numerous scoring chances gave them a lead of 3-0 to end the period.
The second period kicked off with an Interlake power-play, which was capitalized on to make it 3-1 and keep the game close. This seemed to be a motivator for the Monarchs as they picked up the pace once again, lead by their team captain Riley Stotts who put on a clinic and had 2 beautiful goals. The rest of the period saw two more Monarchs goals making for 4 unanswered on the period propelling them to a 7-1 lead going into the third.

The third period wasn't much different. Adam Swan was under siege once again but did a great job seeing and stopping the first puck, battling for his team right to the end. The Lightning responded with two goals late in the period to try and stop the bleeding but the Monarchs capitalized twice more, ending the game with a final of 9 -3.

Game of the Week: Central Plains 8, Warriors 7 - Bantam 2
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Sunday, February 01, 2015


The first period was spirited battle; the Capitals came out with a hard fore-check and physical play, making it tough for the Warriors to play their style of game. The hard work was reciprocated for the Caps as Brody MacDonald (1) and Joey Moffatt (37) both capitalize for a 2-0 lead heading into the second period.



There was a clear change in the Warriors team game in the second when they showed their speed and offensive prowess, dominating puck possession, great on the cycle down low, leading to numerous scoring chances. 15 seconds was all it took for the Warriors to avoid a goose egg, scoring off the opening face off. However, the Caps managed to answer back to keep it at 3-1. The rest of the period was more Warriors and frustration penalties taken on the Central Plains part. This aided the Warriors, completely turning the tables making it 5-3 going into the third.


If you know the history between these two teams this season, you know what’s next. And history repeats itself. In the first half of the period Central Plains came out hard scoring 3 quick goals, all of which had Joey Moffatt (39) and Logan Calder (22) involved. Both players finished the game with hat tricks, Moffatt with a total of 7 points, while Calder had a total of 6. The Warriors seemingly scored at will to keep them in the game and it was tied 7 -7 in the last two minutes when Moffatt thread the needle on a feed to Calder to go up 8-7 and clinch their first win of the season against the Warriors.

Game of the Week: Parkland Rangers 4, Pembina Valley Hawks 2 - Bantam 1 West
Posted by: Dallas McDougall
Monday, January 26, 2015


Both teams came out battling hard with an even amount of scoring chances. The Hawks capitalized early, but with a man advantage late in the period the Rangers brought it back to par. The period concluded with score tied at 1-1.



The hawks made it loud and clear to start the 2nd that this is their barn, trying to give the team the edge with lots of noise and intensity. Kolby Morrissean (33) had an immediate impact, putting a lid on their energy with his assist followed by a goal, stretching the lead to 3-1 within the first three minutes of the period. The Hawks pushed back, drawing two back to back penalties; one resulting in a power play goal from Kolton Shindle (23). Reece Hopfner (6) capped off the period with a beautiful 1-on-1 and top shelf finish to make it 4-2 for the Rangers heading into the third.


The third period, much like the first featured great fast paced hockey. It was back and forth, each team playing tight defensively. The Rangers have a little more size but this was made up by the physical play from the Hawks. No goals were scored in the third resulting in a final of 4-2.


Save Percentage
Posted by: Winnipeg AAA
Friday, October 04, 2013

Although the goaltender statistic are currently showing save percentage the information is not accurate.  In order to have the goaltender information show on the team page, shots on goal have to be entered and at this point 30 per game are being put in. This is being looked at to have the actual numbers provided

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